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Hilton 3000 Mattress


Looking for a good, affordable, hotel quality mattress? Look no further than the Best Selling Hilton 3000 Mattress-Hilton 2000 Upgrade which is the new and improved version of the best selling pocket sprung Hilton 2000 mattress.

The Luxurious pocket sprung Hilton 3000 which is fully orthopaedic and built with posture care technology out does the Hilton 2000 by coming with slightly more pocket springs, an extra 3mm of memory foam and is a turnable mattress. But if you are looking for something even more affordable then the Hilton 2000 is still a very good option.

The best-selling Hilton 3000 and 2000 mattresses are hotel quality and offer an exceptional level of comfort and value for money at an affordable price. The Hilton 3000 and 2000 mattresses are classed as medium to slightly medium firm support. Both the Hilton 3000 and 2000 are constructed of strong, durability, and comfortably hotel quality materials. These mattresses are constructed of high-grade memory foam which is topped off with silk fillings and a micro quilted Tencel fabric cover, which are not only luxurious but completely hypoallergenic materials. Both the Hilton 3000 and 2000 mattresses are 10 inches deep and have a breathable airflow border which allows air to circulate throughout the mattress allowing you to keep cool at night.

Irish Beds Marquis Mattress


The Irish Beds – Marquis Mattress provides sumptuous comfort layers required for the firmer support spring unit designed to fully support the back whilst sleeping. This mattress has been made by skilled craftsmen with your comfort in mind. It is fully guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials.

Irish Beds Vogue Orthopaedic Mattress


The Vogue is an open coil, orthopaedic, dual sided mattress. Offering a superior supportive sleeping surface complete with luxurious comfort layers of robust fillings and sumptuous fabrics to help ensure a stress-free nights rest.

Depth – 25cm

Jade 1500 Pocket Natural Latex


Each spring is individually wrapped in its own cloth sleeve which enables them to move completely independently. The springs are nested under a sumptuous upholstery of natural cool latex and luxury fibre for additional support for those people who prefer traditional luxury. This is a turnable mattress and has a tufted finish.

Depth – 25cm