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BigMickey’s Guide To Buying A New Sofa

5 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Sofa

A sofa is what defines a living room. It anchors the space due to it’s size and in most cases acts as a centerpiece to the design. But given that sofas are one of the most used pieces in any home, they also act as a major focal point in our lives. A sofa should look great, feel comfortable and last a long time. A high quality sofa is an investment so buying one that will stand the test of time requires some careful consideration. 

These 5 simple points will help you choose the right sofa for you:


Before deciding on any design features, you will need to consider the amount of space you have available for your new sofa. If you have a small to medium sized living room, then resist the urge to buy a huge sofa. Not only will this make your living room appear smaller but it will also disrupt the working flow of the room. Bear in mind that sofa’s may appear smaller in a showroom so take a tape measure with you when you shop and measure it’s width, height and depth carefully. Don’t forget to consider the individual access points used to enter the room you plan to place the sofa in. We recommend you you measure any halls or doorways required for fitting the sofa through within your home.

Style & Shape

Once you know what size sofa will work best in your living room, it’s time to find a look that you love. Since your sofa is arguably the most important part of your living room decor, it’s important to choose a style and shape that will look best within the space. Classic shapes and styles are easiest to work with as they look great in a variety of rooms. They are more likely to complement the space even after redecorating, plus you can easily alter the look with the use of different throws or cushions. Compact “loveseats” are perfect for small living rooms or extra seating in a larger space. Corner sofas are great for filling awkward areas. They offer plenty of seating while freeing up floor space in smaller rooms yet they can create a cosy area in a larger open plan space by dividing the room from other areas.

Consider Your Colour Palette

Generally speaking, the rules for colour palettes for decorating are one primary colour, one secondary colour and one accent colour. If your walls are painted one colour, the colour of your sofa will be the secondary colour. Accent colours can be introduced through the use of pillows or throw blankets. It is important that the sofa you choose will complement the rest of the space. On a more realistic level, the colour of your sofa will also depend on how you use it. Formal living rooms which are only used occasionally can accommodate lighter colours like white or cream. If you have kids or pets or simply spend a lot of time on your sofa, then darker colours may be better suited for your needs.  


Usually, you will be torn between picking a fabric sofa or a leather one. It is time to put an end to this sofa dilemma as we outline the benefits and disadvantages of both materials. The main thing to consider is that fabric is overall more comfortable and a warmer material than leather. On the other hand, leather sofas are the firmer option if this is the preference. Maintenance and durability are also important to consider. Different fabrics will have different lifespans before wear and tear become visible. They are overall, harder to clean once spills and stains occur whereas a quick rub of a cloth will have a leather sofa looking good as new. On the contrary, leather is more vulnerable to scratches and humidity. If you have pets at home, it is worth noting that hair/fur will lodge between the fibers of a fabric sofa but scratch marks may appear on a leather one. The latter seems more resistant and easy to care for, however, the cleaning of both materials will depend mainly of your lifestyle. If appearance is key, it’s fair to say that leather, with its sleek and classic appearance, adds a certain elegance to the room. However, fabric sofas are available in many hues and designs and tend to add a more contemporary style to the space.


Finally, you should always consider the level of comfort you are looking for. Once you’ve narrowed down your options based on the above key elements, spend some time sitting on the selection of sofas you are highly considering to take home. Remember, this investment will be long term so comfort should ultimately win over appearance every time. If this step is not taken seriously, you will find that in a matter of weeks, or even days, that you have made the wrong decision. Therefore, we recommend that you spend the longest amount of time possible testing each sofa before arriving at the final verdict. You will soon find that some sofas will better suit your comfort requirements and through this process of elimination, you can determine which sofa is best for you.

We hope you found these tips useful. Let us know if you are considering buying a new sofa. We welcome all enquiries via the comment box below. Make sure to check out our sofa section to see just some of the examples we have to offer. Please note that this is just a small selection of what we have in stock so check back regularly as our stock is constantly changing. If you cannot find what you need, make sure to visit us at Minard, Sligo Road (Main N4), Longford or contact our sales team on 043 3341895 or 086 8356888 as we have lots more sofas available in store today.