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5 Inspiring Ways to Transform Your Spare Room

5 Inspiring Ways to Transform Your Spare Room

So you’ve got a spare room in your home but you’re not quite sure how to make the most of it? Whether the kids are grown up and moved out or your guest bedroom is mostly occupied by an empty bed, there are plenty of ways you can create a fresh, new purpose for the unused space in your home.

Here are 5 inspiring ideas to help make the most of your spare room:

1. Turn it into a Dressing Room

If you’re constantly struggling to find space in your bedroom, then a dressing room could be the solution. This works great especially if your spare room is in close proximity to your master bedroom. Install some custom made shelves, hanging rails and even a wardrobe for clothes and shoes and a dressing table to store cosmetics and other beauty essentials. For a polished finishing touch, add a long mirror and a comfy chair or chaise lounge to radiate luxury. Not only will this idea save you a lot of space within your bedroom, but it will also improve your sleeping pattern by removing anything non-sleep related from your sleep sanctuary. 

2. Use it as a Home Office

The idea of transforming an unused room to an office can be a smart investment, even if you don’t technically work from home. Most people can benefit from having a home office even if it’s used for simply sorting bills or other forms of paperwork. Having a space set aside for this can be mentally beneficial and even lead to better sleep and relaxation as it separates the work from the rest of the house. To create your own home office, all you need is some office furniture such as a computer desk and a comfortable office chair. It is also a good idea to keep everything organised with the use of shelving units or even a bookcase. Home offices are also great multi-use rooms. Consider adding a sofa bed to the space to cater for any overnight guests or relatives that may come to visit. 

3. Create your own Library/Reading Room

A personal library or reading area is any bookworm’s dream and fortunately, this dream can very easily become reality. All you need is some bookcases to line one wall (or more if you wish) and a comfortable couch or chair to maximize your relaxation time. Whether you prefer to indulge in a good novel or if you simply like to read the latest gossip magazines, a designated space filled with peace and comfort is sure to make the experience more valuable to you. Reading rooms also work well when multi-tasked as a contemplation area. Imagine a private place made simply for clearing your head or thinking of great ideas… But be sure to banish any distractions such as phones and other pieces of technology from this space.

4. Make it into a Kids Zone

Even if your children are all grown and have left home, there may be other kids in your life who visit your home regularly, like grandchildren or a friend/relative’s kids. This is a great way to occupy their time whilst keeping the rest of the house free from any potential mess. An awesome kids zone should include some toys and books, a table for arts and crafts, some kids chairscanvas paintings or even a chalk board to encourage their learning and creativity. A kids zone can easily be altered throughout the years as kids grow older and their interests change but also this spare room idea can easily be reclaimed for another use once it is no longer needed. 

5. Set up a Home Cinema

Home cinemas are an increasingly popular feature in homes today. Not only do they boost the entertainment value of the home but they can also increase it’s potential resale value. There’s no reason why you can’t set up your own home cinema in your spare room. It sounds expensive but projectors and screens are actually more affordable than you might think. After that, all you need is a seating plan. Some comfortable, leather recliners are perfect for home cinemas but if space allows, larger sofas can be a great choice too. Dim the lights when holding screenings for friends and family and you could even invest in your own popcorn machine for a realistic home theater experience.

Don’t let that space go to waste

So if you do happen to have a spare room in your home, why wouldn’t you put it to great use?! Whether, you’ve taken inspiration from one of the ideas mentioned above or if there was something else that you had in mind, transform that space to a functional area with a purpose so that you can actually use it and benefit from it on a daily basis.